• - The Yangon River Ferry.

    During an RMI trip to Myanmar (formerly Burma) Cyrus and I took time to shoot this video for Time on the ferry that carries commuters from Yangon to Dalar and back. We shot it in the last days that the decrepit old ferries would operate before being replaced by new boats donated by the Japanese government.


  • Raw Music International: Ukraine.

    The next RMI trip was to Ukraine, during the early stages of what has since become, by any definition, a war. We spent time in Kharkiv and Odessa and saw how the machinations of geopolitical actors force normal Ukrainians into unenviable positions.


  • Raw Music International: Kurdistan.

    Raw Music International (aka Cyrus Moussavi and I) went to Kurdistan and made this film about two musical characters at very different points of the social spectrum. Both of them represent a Kurdistan that was growing, albeit a little wonkily, and making space for both their stories. In the year since we made this episode, Kurdistan doesn't seem so optimistic. The Islamic State and a series of financial difficulties have made the future look uncertain again.